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Sourcing Weatherproof LED Strip Lights in the GTA

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of beautiful and versatile LED strip lights! Many homeowners are discovering just how convenient and fun it can be to decorate for the holidays – or every day -- with smartphone app technology that allows you to choose from thousands of colour and special effect combinations.
However, it’s important to source lights from a company that knows about the varying temperatures of the dynamic Canadian climate. When you choose a company to install your permanent LED lighting, be sure that they’re providing a durable, weatherproof product.
Weatherproof LED strip lights will withstand the elements for decades. Better products have an average life of twenty years, based on daily usage of six to eight hours! There are fine LED lighting companies that service the GTA and have years of experience in the market. Make sure you choose a Canadian company that understands cold winters and hot summers.
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With the revolution in home lighting that LED strip lights have effected, many companies are getting in on the act. More and more homeowners are learning about how convenient and fun it can be to have thousands of colour and pattern combinations available to light their homes for holidays, special occasions, or every day, and that has created a demand.


Make Sure You Buy Weatherproof LEDs

However, it’s important to remember that when you source LED lights, you should opt for a product that has been tested in Canada. Winters here can be extremely cold and summers can be hot and humid. Canadian companies tend to understand the importance of installing weatherproof LED strip lights better than companies with roots in America or other countries.


Extreme Durability

If you choose a better, Canadian-tested product, chances are that your lights will last a very long time before they’ll need to be replaced. Look for a company that offers a five-year warranty, and a low-voltage product that offers 24 lumens/metre.